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Building Bridges, Breaking Boundaries

At SoBirds PR, we elevate your brand with strategic storytelling and media placements, specializing in women’s media but adept across all audiences. Our targeted approach ensures your message resonates widely, making meaningful connections beyond gender boundaries. Let SoBirds take your brand’s story to new heights.

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Our journey begins with a 30-minute meeting to understand your goals and craft a tailored media action plan. This step is crucial for aligning our strategies with your brand’s vision and objectives. We’ll discuss the scope of work, from press notes and mailing content to the specific outcomes you wish to achieve.

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Following our initial plan, we move into action. This phase includes crafting and distributing press releases, executing two rounds of targeted mailings to journalists, and arranging for publications. Our team’s efforts are focused on ensuring your story reaches the right ears, engaging with media professionals to secure valuable coverage. Media monitoring and feedback after interviews are integral parts of this process, allowing us to measure engagement and adjust our strategies in real time.

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Our collaboration culminates in a comprehensive end-of-month report detailing the outcomes of our PR efforts. This report includes media monitoring results, feedback from interviews, and an analysis of the overall impact of the campaign. It’s a moment to reflect on successes, learn from the audience’s responses, and plan future strategies for continued growth and visibility.

If not us, who? If not now, when?

John F. Kennedy
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