Influencer Marketing

From Whisper to Roar

At SoBirds, we specialise in creating influencer marketing strategies that will take your brand to new heights. With an insightful eye for matching the perfect voices to amplify your message, we harness the power of social connections to engage and inspire. We can help you find influencers in your industry to promote your business and generate shocking sales!

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We start by understanding your brand’s core values and objectives. This in-depth analysis of what makes your brand unique allows us to identify and match influencers who reflect your ethos and have the reach and commitment to make an impact. We also choose the form of collaboration – barter, paid campaign, social or maybe PR packages?

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Next, we collaborate closely with chosen influencers to craft campaigns that speak to their audience and yours. By co-creating content that’s authentic and engaging, we ensure your message resonates deeply and spreads widely. With everything in place, we launch the campaign, setting the stage for your brand’s message to take flight.

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When a campaign takes off, we closely monitor the results, making real-time adjustments to ensure optimal engagement. Through detailed analysis, we measure impact and refine strategies, ensuring not only immediate wins but also long-term growth. At the end, you receive a campaign report and recommendations for the next campaign.

Passion leads to success

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