Case Study

MariDent, health.

MariDent, a dental clinic, recognized the need for a visual identity overhaul on social media and increased visibility through targeted advertising. After partnering with us, MariDent experienced remarkable growth. Enhanced social media branding and strategic advertising efforts resulted in increased brand recognition and patient engagement. Within a year of collaboration, MariDent expanded its operations by opening another dental office, cementing its reputation as a trusted provider in the dental industry.

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One of the main challenges MariDent faced was adapting to the rapidly changing landscape of digital marketing. With an outdated visual identity on social media and limited visibility through advertising, MariDent struggled to effectively reach and engage with its target audience online. Additionally, as a dental clinic, building trust and credibility with potential patients in a highly competitive market posed a significant challenge.

What did we do?

As an agency, we prepared a new visual identity and proposed a social media rebranding. We designed flyers for the dental clinic and MariDent Beauty. In addition, we produced advertising creations, implemented new campaigns on Facebook and Google and optimised them.

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Our collaborative efforts led to a substantial increase in clients for MariDent, alongside the successful opening of a new dental office. The professionalism of the dentists, combined with our targeted advertising efforts, contributed significantly to this achievement. Additionally, the distribution of printed flyers and the implementation of a refreshed visual identity across social media platforms further bolstered MariDent’s brand visibility and appeal.

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