Case Study

Dice Dreams, Arch; Mobile Game.

In collaboration with ARCH, our Croatian partner in media, we aimed to promote the mobile game Dice Dreams in Poland. Dice Dreams is an engaging mobile game designed for smartphones, offering immersive gameplay and entertainment for players of all ages.

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Facing the obstacle of low awareness and minimal downloads, our primary challenge was to generate interest and traction for Dice Dreams. With the game relatively unknown in the Polish market and struggling to gain traction, our task was to identify and collaborate with influencers capable of effectively promoting the game to their followers, thus driving downloads and increasing visibility.

What did we do?

To address the challenge, we embarked on a strategic approach. We initiated a search for influencers within the Polish gaming community, meticulously selecting individuals with significant reach and engagement. After identifying suitable influencers, we conducted thorough briefings to ensure alignment with our promotional objectives. Upon approval of content plans, we facilitated the creation and dissemination of engaging posts on Instagram, leveraging the influencers’ platforms to showcase Dice Dreams and encourage downloads among their followers.

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What did we do?

Our efforts yielded remarkable outcomes. Dice Dreams experienced a surge in downloads, with several thousand installations recorded following the influencer campaigns. Furthermore, our promotional reels achieved viral status, garnering widespread attention and engagement across social media platforms. The combination of increased downloads and viral reels significantly elevated Dice Dreams’ visibility and propelled its position within the gaming community in Poland.

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