Case Study

Berkeleyhealth, health.

Berkeleyhealth is a leading UK provider of rapid self-testing diagnostic tests and medical devices. They offer a wide range of high-quality healthcare products aimed at making diagnostic testing more accurate and accessible. With a focus on exceptional product quality and services, Berkeleyhealth aims to be the preferred business partner in the healthcare sector. Their Home Rapid Tests provide convenient health insights, empowering users to take proactive control of their health.

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One of our main challenges was the complete lack of brand recognition for Berkeleyhealth. Being entirely new to the market, establishing credibility and trust was difficult, especially in an industry dominated by established players. To address this, we focused on innovative digital marketing strategies, including engaging social media content and targeted advertising campaigns. Additionally, we explored partnerships with influencers and healthcare professionals to build credibility and trust among consumers. Despite the initial hurdles, our efforts successfully positioned Berkeleyhealth as a reputable name in the healthcare industry.

What did we do?

As a completely new brand in the market, our main objective was to focus on social media and building trust in the Berkeleyhealth brand. We developed a comprehensive social media strategy aimed at creating a cohesive brand image and engaging audiences through authentic and valuable content. Additionally, we created a blog from scratch to serve as a platform for sharing knowledge and information about products and public health.

To increase brand visibility, we initiated a Facebook Ads advertising campaign targeted at relevant audience groups. Furthermore, we undertook efforts to highlight Berkeleyhealth’s commitment to the community and disease prevention, including conducting an interview with an individual living with HIV to raise awareness about diagnostic testing and access to it.

In our collaboration, we also developed a mobile app for Berkeleyhealth, providing users with easy access to product information and a tool for monitoring their health. Through these initiatives, we successfully built trust in the Berkeleyhealth brand and increased its visibility in the market.

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As a result of our efforts, we achieved significant milestones for Berkeleyhealth. We successfully developed a sleek and user-friendly mobile application, providing easy access to product information and health monitoring tools. Our social media initiatives garnered over 1,700 followers on Facebook, establishing a growing community around the brand. Furthermore, we cultivated credible and professional brand presences across various social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. These platforms served as effective channels for engaging with audiences and disseminating valuable content. Notably, our blog featuring an interview with an individual living with HIV further reinforced Berkeleyhealth’s commitment to public health and disease awareness. Additionally, we conducted a professional photoshoot, capturing visually compelling imagery to enhance Berkeleyhealth’s brand identity and marketing materials. These high-quality photographs were utilized across various digital and print platforms, further reinforcing the brand’s professionalism and credibility. Overall, these achievements contributed to elevating Berkeleyhealth’s visibility, credibility, and engagement within the healthcare sector.

Passion leads to success